Monday, April 3, 2017


A good friend of the family, from Berlin, Germany, also here LEGALLY, sent me this note after reading my last post:

I sooooo agree, Karen! I also became American because I love this country and had to pass a test to become American and you are so right, you have the healthcare coming because you paid into it....and still do! What I really find “unfair” is how the pregnant women from Mexico come into the United States to give birth and the newborns are American—you figure! How are you doing? Bill is done with his knee-surgery, it has been 4 weeks now and he is s l o w l y   getting better.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


 I just sent this to our President, Trump. With what is happening today, I felt it was time to stand up and be heard:

Dear President Trump,

I have been disabled since 1995 and have been on a feeding tube for proper nutrition. Just recently, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I have the flu now and am terrified because of the cancer diagnosis. Yes, I received the flu shot.

Anyway, in order to fight my illnesses, I need proper nutrition which the State of Colorado and CORAM nutritional services have refused to send because of ‘paperwork,’ issues?! CORAM is more concerned about their bottom dollar and Colorado is more concerned about the illegal immigrants.

So, do I have to end up in the hospital with pneumonia in order to get my nutrition?! Do I have to DIE before anyone does anything about it? What do I have to do? What about MY family?!

I am more than ‘just curious.’

I am a 53yo white American woman. I am well-educated and traveled. My family has served our country in the military.

My brother put his life on the line in Afghanistan so that his sister could die?! I don’t get it!! What do we tell my young nephews and nieces?! What kind of message does this send?!



Monday, February 27, 2017


So many nights this song was my lullabye...after a day or night in the hospital or because I was sick or I had taken a medication that wouldn't allow me to sleep...many, many nights, too many to count. So much pain that I was afraid I wouldn't wake in the morning. I was physically alone...I was afraid...Scout & Rumer by my side (kitties) - they saved me back then...only thing that got me through...through being alone and ability to BREATHE...Thank you Anna Nalick....

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DYSMOTILITY/CANCER (Previously posted 01/09/2017)

Living on disability is tougher than tough. I'm trying to find a position to supplement my meager income and it ain't easy. Actually, "ain't easy" is an understatement. I have worked part-time jobs on and off over the years: I did everything from delivering a college paper to working retail and I went to school. I tried to do as much as I could despite having to work around my illness. I had to drop classes and quit jobs because of health issues. It was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of situation. I hated it and it wasn't very productive in preparing me for my professional aspirations. It was exasperating to say the least. My body had turned against me and it wasn't going to make it easy for me to merge back into life.

Once while I was working a part-time, temporary job, I had a brief conversation with two guys. I was able to leave early everyday and while walking to the lunch room they said "must be nice getting to go home after four hours everyday." I replied "I'd rather be healthy and work the whole day, then be ill and have to leave early." They both shook their heads in agreement that it was better to have their health. Good choice.

I am a "mature," albeit youthful, educated woman with a disability. I feel like I'm the new "black plague" of our society's workforce. Also now, after a more than turbulent election year, no one knows exactly where the chips are going to fall. I'm fine with who was elected, but what will the outcome really be when all is said and finally done in a year or so?

Unfortunately, I had to take some time off, 20 years give or take, for a rare illness. This included having major surgery, a permanent feeding tube being placed and let's see, hospitalizations for my kidneys shutting down and a potpourri of procedures. There was the emotional toll it took also. This was my education and my full-time job. I had to deal with near death situations and a body that decided, for whatever reason, to turn on me.

I had to take some time off in order to survive, which caused my job history to have many gaps. My problem is that dates of employment are important to most companies but what I did, not when, should be the important thing. I'm typing on my HP computer while writing a post for my blog, social media, all the while using Microsoft Word and I write everyday. So I do have experience and I haven't exactly been living under some obscure rock.

Now, tell me that I'm misspelling a lot of words and that I don't know where a comma belongs or that I'm not using proper grammar! On the contrary, I've paid dearly for my "education."  I have the talent, creativity and ability to write about anything and everything, especially medicine. I've fought in the trenches and survived!!

So, I had to take some time off(?!!), IN ORDER TO SURVIVE!! I've worked when my illness allowed me to and I am a writer and I've been writing all this time, isn't that experience? I'm a consumer and I follow trends and I pay for what I like and don't for things that don't appeal to me. Am I not a part of the grand marketing scheme? I'm typing on my HP computer while writing a post on social media, all the while using Microsoft Word.

Oh, and I know all about disability, Medicare, hospital administrations, doctors and pharmaceutical companies, etc.... Am I not "experienced" enough?! Do I not know anything about the marketplace?! I am a "content creator": Copy writing, web content, medical or technical writing, photography...the list goes on. I have kept up with the latest and greatest and my 'better-half' is a web designer/IT administrator. He knows EVERYTHING: Systems, hardware, software and programming. I also keep up with politics, technology, medicine (cutting-edge) and even fashion trends.

Yes, I had a major life setback, but I did not stop living and learning, plus I went back to school to keep up with changes, albeit, it is an unconventional way to go. I will never have a my health again, but my brain still functions and I have a thirst for knowledge. I have what it takes: COURAGE, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE & STRENGTH!

UPDATE: (02/27/2017) I now work as a freelance marketing content writer. I work for various companies and I do it all remotely. I am also publishing a couple e-books and will go back to school to learn the 'latest and greatest.'

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I am getting more and more tired, so I am going to just blog on WordPress, for now: South Dakota Stylin' . You can follow me there, if you wish. Besides, I prefer WordPress over Blogger. I've been getting Online Content Marketing gigs, so I have to cut back on something and this is I have some of my own writing to do.

South Dakota

Not sure where the road is headed, but I'm going to take it, cuz who knows?! NO MORE REGRETS!!