Saturday, April 1, 2017


Not trying to be morose or anything, but when GOD deems that my time is done, this is the song I want to be played at my memorial (or whatever)....I guess that since I have doc appointments coming up, after six months, this plays at the back, far reaches of my Consciousness....

It's NOT about giving up but trying to be prepared if that's really possible. Who knows?

While back at the university, I will be joining a writer's group. U of Iowa is internationally known for its' writer's workshops and programs. Got to take advantage of this opportunity. I've been accepted, so why not?!

I want to hear what writers from different parts of the world have to say. Like I'm going to listen to what our 'SJW/Feminist crybabies' have to say! NOT!!! I want to hear the truth, not the perception of IDIOTS!! (See ).

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